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Harmonious Emperor; The Future God of Cats; Император гармонии; 谐帝为尊; 이세계 지존 플레이어; 이세계의 지존 플레이어;
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Meng Changji, the teenage cat lover, rides in truck kun! and is restrained in a parallel universe by a cat system. What does the feline system entail? My system is a gigantic, giant cat! The untraveled path is used by the cat system! It is the approach that deviates from the norm! Others search for ways out when they are kidnapped, but this young master just walks away while slapping you in the face! hehe. This young master acts truly like a cat. When this Emperor meets a gorgeous girl for a competition invitation, others use their strength and male chauvinism to conquer her. Oh, I’m so frail. Naturally, if she’s stronger, you should grasp her thighs! The best waifu is strong! Are you unaware of this? This Emperor harvests the value of horticulture like a miser, not following the prescribed course of action. Did this Emperor, by the way, indicate that I might also become the deity of the cat in the future? Well, it was just a feeling. Oh, how adorable cats are. I could pet them all day long! Oh my! I love my system so much! Life is like this! I’m grateful, Cat God!