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Dominando La Ciudad; Dominating the Country; Dominating the Town; Domineering Dictator; El Rey de La Guerra; I Am the Invincible God of War; I Am The Unparalleled God of War; Lord of War; Rei da Guerra; Seigneur de la Guerre; Soy el invencible Dios de la guerra.; The Legend God of War in The City; The Legend God of War in The City ตำนานเทพเซียนสงครามไร้พ่ายแห่งนคร; Thần Vương Trấn Quốc; ท่านลอร์ดสงคราม; 我是无双战神; 鎮國主宰; 镇国主宰;
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Zhian Tian’s mother, sister, and father were all abandoned. To make ends meet, they relocated to the East China Sea, but his mother was killed and staged to appear as though she had leapt from a building to her own death. Thankfully, a shadowy figure saved him and brought him to enlist in the army. Zhan Tian went from being a border pawn to being referred to as “The God of War” after 10 years of brutal battles and valiantly eliminating opponents. Under his leadership, the iron cavalry cleared borders, guarded areas, drove out barbarians, and accomplished a world record. After ten years, he was sent back to Beijing to report on his duties after receiving an imperial edict. It was his chance, at last, to make heads shake beneath his feet.