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I Live From Nine to Five in the World of Cultivating Immortals; I Work Nine to Five in the Immortal Cultivation World; Ta Ở Tu Tiên Giới Chỉ Làm Giờ Hành Chính; Wǒ Zài Xiūxiān Shìjiè Cháo Jiǔ Wǎn Wǔ; 我在修仙世界朝九晚五;
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Hua Qingyuan passed away unexpectedly as a result of extreme exhaustion from working the “996” schedule. But instead he was taken to a magical realm and joined the Qingyun Sword Sect as a disciple. He was determined not to make the same mistakes he had in his previous life, so he made the decision to work only eight hours a day and not to waste even thirty seconds cultivating. Lying under a tree, he became an abnormality in the whole Qingyun Sword Sect, practicing day and night while others exercised. After work, he enjoyed his life while others toiled endlessly to improve their swordsmanship. Nevertheless, he was a dangerous presence due to his almost extraordinary skill with a sword. He refused to be bothered until it was time to work, despite demands from his master, fellow followers, and the sect leader, as well as unexpected attacks from the demonic sect and challenges from other young talents.