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Dragon dance is a traditional way of asking for blessings and warding off misfortune. People who have the ability to turn bad luck and disasters around are known as dragon masters. The world’s calamities are created by calamities. Zhao Ji, who was given a dragon stone and was reborn as a result, had a deep passion for dragon dance culture and a strong desire to become a dragon master. During a mission, Zhao Ji learned that the Dragon Master would incur an unbreakable curse against himself if he were to remove all tragedies. Together with Luan Xi, the Drunken Dragon faction’s heir, and the brilliant girl Geng Xiaochen, Zhao Ji, the bearer of the dragon stone, made the decision to reverse the course of the Dragon Master’s curse as a whole. It is not right that the dragon master who spared others from disasters and tragedies should perish horribly! As everyone is aware, their activities are causing an ancient apocalypse to quietly approach.