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After 10000 Years I Will Do Whatever I Want; I Will Do Whatever I Want in Ten Thousand Years; Wǒ Zài Yī Wàn Nián Hòu Wéisuǒ Yùwéi; 我在一万年后为所欲为;
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A 10,000-year-old cultivator was ang Rui. Ten thousand years ago, the Tongxuan Continent was home to a thriving farming society. However, the Tongxuan Continent’s eternal cultivation civilization experienced a significant setback during a calamity involving the arrival of extraterrestrial demonic spirits. Nearly everyone with knowledge or experience in immortal cultivation was destroyed. After 10,000 years, Wang Rui reincarnated as the Young Master of the Wang family, sharing his name.
“I will do whatever I want after 10000 years” is one of the best series that webdexscans is translating. The name of the outstanding author and artist offers me the freedom to accomplish anything I want after ten thousand years. Their skill in creating an imaginary universe combined with their compelling storytelling has allowed them to create a masterwork that captivates readers. Another name for this is “I will do whatever I want after 10000 years.” “After 10000 years I will do whatever I want” has well-developed, emotionally resonant characters that give the narrative depth and relatability. Try this series if you enjoy the idea behind it.