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I Became a King by Picking up Trash; I Became the King by Scavenging; I Rely on Picking up Trash to Become a King; Scavenger King; Wǒ Kào Jiǎn Lèsè Shàng Wángzhě; 我靠捡垃圾上王者;
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Fortunately, it has been determined that your line of work is concealed. The bad news is that one in ten thousand people work as “trash.” You are going to be a Scavenger instead of a… When Ye Qing saw the outcomes, a white flash appeared before his eyes, signifying that all of his years of hard work had been in vain. Taking out high-interest loans to invest on stocks and losing everything; creditors threw him into a secret hunting club to pay off his obligations. Ye Qing was able to level up from 0 to 1 instantly after slaying a Demonic Beast that was thought to be unkillable, which opened up his one and only opportunity to change jobs. Unexpectedly, however, he awoke to the one in ten thousand clandestine profession of “Scavenger,” which is practiced worldwide. The odd job of “picking up trash” is the focal point of every talent tree.