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Fate of the Wu Is to Revere the Heaven; Not Accept Fate; Serving the Heavens is my Destiny; Wú Mìng Fèng Tiān; 吴命奉天;
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The Wu family has preserved its customs in the realm of Yin and Yang for three generations. Wu FengXian is a remarkable youth with a strange destiny, weak magical talents, and exceptional fighting prowess. He is the only surviving member of the Wu family and the chosen servant of the god selected by the fox spirit that protects their house. Sadly, his unusual fate draws unwelcome attention, forcing him to flee the little town where weird happenings are common. But stories of the paranormal and urban folklore still cling around Wu FengXian.
Wu FengXian’s low strength causes him to repeatedly experience failures despite his enthusiastic spirit. When it comes to choosing between working hard and relaxing, he leans on his charisma to choose the latter. Wu FengXian, driven by a fierce sense of justice, works to keep the country that has been passed down through the ages safe and secure and stops the evil forces from Fengdu from invading. He also wants to have a romantic relationship with his sister, who he adores. In order to complete his task, Wu FengXian must overcome the obstacles presented by his special and inadequate destiny. He must ultimately defy fate, battle demons, and awaken the deity.