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Read manhua Soul Slayer Chronicles:

A ill young man named Jiang Xiaobai goes into the mountains to get medicine. After a series of unanticipated detours, he ends up working as a lowly servant in an eternal sect. After unintentionally obtaining a mysterious black blade, he forges a special cultivation route. He purges demons, consuming mountains and rivers while contaminating their souls with his seduction. He kills alchemy cultivators and mixes potions in holy kettles that have the amazing power to bring people back to life. He transcends the commonplace by killing intellectuals and using his hands to manufacture talismans. He purifies heaven and earth, free of the dust of this world, by killing Buddhas. From that point on, Jiang Xiaobai soars to the clouds, and the big demons of the forbidden zone acquiesce to his authority. Even the esteemed forefathers of the cult humble themselves and submit to him as their master.